New Patient Information

Your consultation will include the following services...

- When you arrive, you'll be asked to fill out a health-related and body systems questionnaire. You can download one of these forms prior to your appointment by clicking on the new patient forms found on the right side of this page. Then click on the download PDF file

Dr. Reek will begin by asking detailed health questions regarding your overall heatlh, and about the systems that maintain and repair your body that are affecting your current health

A review of your current history and tests, even your blood work will be discussed in relation to your specific problem to see if treatment is appropriate for your situation.

A thorough orthopedic, neurological and body systems examination is performed. X-rays may be taken to uncover structural and functional problems associated with your condition. These detailed examinations help identify areas of needed attention and current malfunction

The findings of these examinations and a plan of treatment and options for you to consider.

Your progress will be monitored by with periodic examinations, and follow-up reports

Since the word "doctor" comes from the Latin word meaning teacher, Dr. Reek has a strong commitment to your education and understanding. Nothing will be overlooked, and your recovery will be treated with focus and expertise.


"I was experiencing declining health for about one year before coming to Walnut Grove Clinic. Life was impossible with lots of pain. It took great effort just to tie my shoes. I had tried pain pills and surgery, but in just two weeks of care, my condition has improved. My life is much better now, and I can live again free from pain."
- Robert Magel

"I had two herniated cervical discs. The pain was excruciating for nearly three months. The doctors and neurosurgeons I had consulted all recommended a potentially dangerous surgery that would fuse the vertebrae in my neck together. After a careful evaluation which included an MRI, Dr. Reek urged me to try conservative treatment first. We began an aggressive schedule of chiropractic. It worked. The pain began to subside and eventually disappeared. Dr. Reek was the lone voice of reason at a very difficult time in my life. I do require periodic adjustments to keep my neck moving comfortably. However, after five years, I am still pain free."
- Robert Ian

"I was involved in a minor car accident. By the time I realized I was injured, I couldn't turn my head all the way to the side. I took aspirin but it didn't help. Within one week of care my symptoms improved. I've also learned the prevention of strain and the value of maintenance visits."
- Dixie Keezer

"I had lower back pain and muscle spasms for two months which interrupted my sleep and greatly restricted my mobility. The aspirin and tylenol I took only provided temporary relief. After visiting Walnut Grove Clinic, I now have less pain and increased mobility."
- Leonard Piontek

"Since a bike accident at age 14, I've had ongoing spinal problems. My low back pain limited my activities--sitting, walking, sleeping, even concentrating. Pain relievers gave me temporary relief but no cure for the problem. Now I've been receiving care. Besides correcting my spine and pelvis, Dr. Reek has worked with me to improve my diet and exercise to help heal my injury and improve my general health."
- Julie Getchell

"I was involved in an auto accident and had extreme pain in my neck and back. I was limited in my normal activities at work and recreation. I was taking prescribed drugs and seeing a neurosurgeon with no improvement. After several treatments, I was able to perform my daily duties, plus enjoy horseback riding and hunting again."
- Robert Tkach