Many alternative treatment techniques are available for use. The chiropractic profession is primarily based on the use of the Holistic alternatives, many treatment alternatives exist for treating any condition. A modern Doctor of Chiropractic may specialize in Herbal, Nutritional, Allergy and Hormone treatment and may use a wide range of methods intended to address an array of neuromusculoskeletal, endocrine, and general health issues. Examples include Herbal therapy, Allergy Therapy, Strength training, dry needling (similar to acupuncture), functional electrical stimulation, traction, and nutritional recommendations. Doctors of Chiropractic may also use other complementary alternative methods as part of a holistic treatment approach.

The medicinal use of chiropractic therapy can be traced back over 3000 years to ancient Chinese writings. Hippocrates, the "father of medicine" used these techniques, as did the ancient Egyptians and many other cultures. A modern re-emphasis occurred in the late 19th century in North America with the emergence of the osteopathic medicine and chiropractic medicine. Mainstream recognition during the 1980s. Doctors of Chiropractic consider themselves to be expertly qualified providers of alternative holistic treatment.