About Us

Madison, Wisconsin's Walnut Grove Clinic has been providing care since 1981 when Dr. John Haase began practice. A Native of Madison, he graduated from Life College and opened his practice in Madison, Wisconsin. Since that time, Dr. Reek joined him in 1986 after attending UW Madison and Palmer College in Iowa. Palmer College was established in 1895 and was called the "fountainhead" of Chiropractic. Known for a rigorous course study that has course work that is taught by Doctors, Researchers and PhD's that are committed to the advancement of "innate intelligence". This is the belief that given the opportunity, the body can heal without harmful pharmaceutical drugs and the irreversible malody of failed surgery.

Many other doctors have interned at this clinic and gone on to practice in other areas of the country.

Both doctors helped start a chiropractic setting for Madison's first HMO.

Walnut Grove Clinic in Madison continues to have an integrated holistic practice that focuses on patient care with several treatment alternatives. Patients that come to Walnut Grove Clinic are given alternatives and options they may not know about. The success that patients find is due to the relationships with other doctors and healthcare providers in Madison. This is the single most important part of the formula for a patient, that they receive informed choices and an understanding of how those choices affect their recovery and future health. Patients have commented that they find it refreshing to be educated and involved in the decision making process.